Commenting on a leaked cabinet document revealed this morning just ahead of Boris Johnson’s leadership campaign launch, which warns that the UK is not ready for a no-deal Brexit on 31st October, Lib Dem leadership candidate Ed Davey MP said: 

“Despite the millions of pounds wasted on preparing for no-deal, the country is still in no way prepared for the damage it would inflict. 

“This lays bare the utter cynicism of Boris Johnson and his ilk. They are prepared to talk up crashing out of the EU to further their chances in the Tory leadership contest, despite government documents showing this would lead to shortages of medicines and chaos at our borders.

“Toying with no-deal is putting personal career before the good of our country – all candidates to be our next PM should rule out this senselessness immediately.

“Johnson once promised to publicly apologise if Brexit triggers a recession. Will he also apologise to any patient who misses out on vital medicines because of his refusal to rule out no-deal?”


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