In the House of Commons earlier today, Speaker John Bercow ruled out the possibility of a future PM proroguing Parliament in an attempt to force through a no-deal Brexit on 31st October. The Leader of the House also said a new prime minister would “not necessarily” be in place before Summer recess. 

Commenting, Ed said:

“This is the right call from the Speaker and will be reassuring to people across the country who are rightly fearful of the possibility of a new Prime Minister determined to have us crash out with no-deal.

“To have stopped our democratic Parliament from sitting and voting on issues of such huge importance to Britain’s future would’ve been a coup d’etat worthy of a tinpot dictatorship.

“It’s also crucial that whoever is elected as Conservative leader and our new Prime Minister must come to the House immediately and explain what they intend to do to end the Brexit crisis, not just head straight off into their summer break.”

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